Farmhouse restaurant Tangoyama,breeding and fattening,food to integrated production of red cattle,is the meal processing of livestock farmers to management.


there are all tax-included
per 1 person

    Rice and Vegetables other than meat is also a self-cultivation and production.
  • home-grown rice(Aso Koshihikari)
  • seasonal vegetables
  • home-grown pickles

How to enjoy delicious meat

 Akaushi beef raised on the grassy plains of Aso is juicy and tasty.After the customer makes an order,the chef carefully cuts the meat across the grain(muscle fibers)into edible,albeit oddly shaped,pieces.
Lightly grill one helping and eat after seasoning with salt and pepper or ponzu sauce.

 Specially made sausage,smoked 100% Akaushi beef

 Thank you for your cooperation!!
In our restaurant,because it has cut out red beef taken from red cattle by one head fraction was raised in a home,and offers a limited site.For grilled meat,loin,peach,rose,arms,etc,we have hand cut cut,depending on your order.
The food that has been nurtured in the Aso of the earth,as the restaurant who can taste slowly while baked,we will work in the future.